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    "This mill has been
    producing pet food
    mixes since 1989"

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Since its founding in January 2006, as a PHW Group subsidiary, PetCom has emerged to become one of the most efficient pet food producers in the ‘Private Label’ field. In the process, the young company has been able to leverage the long-standing industry experience of the Group.


The Minden mill has been producing pet food mixes from as early as 1989. In 2001, the mill was thoroughly modernised and its capacity reconfigured to meet present-day requirements.

Today, the PetCom range includes both dog food and cat food formulas, from Economy to Premium and even Super Premium. We take into account the various breeds, lifestyles and life stages when developing these formulas. The range also takes relevant market trends into consideration, such as the processing of fresh poultry or the development of ‘grain-free’ formulas.

Thirty years of milling and mixing expertise, leveraging cutting-edge technology for extrusion and fully automatic packaging, as well as using only raw materials of controlled origin are what guarantee consistently high quality, based on the tried-and-tested in-group processes of the PHW Group. Our raw materials are GMO-free, traceable and sustainable. We can also use an MSC label on customer request.

Our standards include IFS and GMP+ certifications, which also apply when processing food for human consumption. All of which means we are already compliant with tomorrow’s requirements as of now, establishing the best possible conditions for pet nutrition.