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    "The PetCom principle centres
    on the production of
    customer-focused dry mixes"

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The PetCom concept is based on creating dry mixes to facilitate pet food production. In the simplest case, these dry mixes may comprise just a few individual components, or constitute full compound feed from a pet food perspective. These can be extruded at the customer location to create a finished product.

Dogs and particularly cats are unable to completely digest cereals. Accordingly, carbohydrates provided from cereals must therefore be technologically advanced, or namely ‘pre-digested’. In other words: the finer the extruded dry mix, the more easily the carbohydrate will be digested by pets.

PetCom provides dry mixes with carefully controlled particle size distribution. For dry domestic pet food, particle size is the key criterion controlling both the appearance and digestibility of the end product. Meanwhile, the fineness of the dry mixture is the key prerequisite to ensure the smooth and finely structured surface of dry pet food. The finer the mixture, the better the water absorption and digestion or agglutination of the starch.