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    "Already today, we are
    meeting the requirements
    of tomorrow"

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Our company maintains an absolute commitment to quality, constantly monitoring the quality of incoming raw materials and outgoing dry mixes.

Our raw materials come exclusively from controlled, GMO-free and sustainable sources. PetCom leverages tried-and-tested in-group processes of the PHW Group to guarantee the traceability of all materials used in each individual production batch.


Naturally, this also includes consideration of the shelf life of all raw materials. We can also use an MSC label on customer request.

Our standards include IFS and GMP+ certifications, which also apply when processing food for human consumption. All of which means we are already compliant with tomorrow’s requirements as of now, establishing the best possible conditions for pet nutrition.

The system we use for raw material dosing is computer-controlled and the composition of each batch we produce is documented.

If the composition of the mix deviates from the formula, the entire mixing and milling process is automatically terminated. PetCom works to a mixing precision of 1:100.000. We are a registered manufacturer of pre-mixes and compound feeds in accordance with § 30 of the Feed Regulation (FMV).