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PETCOM Tierernährung

The premium partner for ideal dry food, just the way you like it

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Petcom Inside

Get to know us!

Pet food mixes have been produced at our mill in Minden since as early as 1989 - PetCom was founded in 2006.

We are feed experts

We look back on decades of experience in the pet food market and are one of Germany's most important dry food manufacturers for the pet market.

Part of the family

As PetCom, we are part of the family-run PHW Group. We can draw on the expertise and quality of the group - and thus guarantee, for example, complete proof of origin for all raw materials used. As a company of the PHW Group . Both the complete proof of origin of the raw materials used and our quality and environmental management vouch for our high quality standard with the customer.

Customer satisfaction

In terms of customer satisfaction, we carry the right quality and the appropriate packaging solution for all segments of the trade.
Our dry foods meet the high demands of our customers.
Our own recipes or those designed according to customer requirements are under constant control and comply with the current guidelines as well as the current legal requirements of the German Feed Regulation. Our private label products are established in all market segments: Discount, food retail, drugstore and specialized trade.

Nose to tail utilization

Our raw materials come exclusively from animals intended for human consumption. In this regard, humans and pets complement each other very well. While we humans often prefer to consume the lean muscle meat, our pets also require vitamin-rich offal and mineral-rich meat materials. This is how we ensure that the slaughtered animals are fully processed. A matter of respect!

Climate neutrality/sustainability

Sustainability is a matter of the heart for us. We already cover 100% of our energy needs from renewable sources.

Recyclable packaging

We use as much recyclable packaging as possible and are working to steadily increase this percentage.

If you have any further questions about our products, packaging forms and specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

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