About us

PetCom's range today includes recipes for dog and cat food from Economy to Premium and Super Premium. Different breeds, lifestyles and life phases are taken into account in the development of the recipes.

Thirty years of know-how in grinding and mixing, the use of state-of-the-art technology in the areas of extrusion and fully automatic packaging, as well as the exclusive use of raw materials from controlled sources guarantee consistently high quality, based on the secured in-group processes of the PHW Group.

Pet food from pet owners for pet owners

Because we have dogs - or cats - ourselves, we know their needs from our daily interaction. And because we love them, we personally attach great importance to the highest quality of feed.

Market trends such as the processing of fresh poultry or the development of "grain free" recipes are currently revamping our product range.

Made in Germany

We produce exclusively in Germany under state-of-the-art production conditions. We meet the certified standards of IFS and BRC Food, which also apply to food processing.

High quality raw materials

We rely on the highest quality in the selection of our raw materials, which come exclusively from controlled, GMO-free and sustainable sources.

Upon customer request, the use of an MSC seal is also possible. We thus already meet tomorrow's requirements today and offer the best conditions in pet nutrition.

Our team

In order to be able to offer all dogs and cats high-quality food as well as optimal service, we at NutriQM all work hand in hand. The focus is on both professional expertise and enjoyment of the end product.

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of employees from a wide range of departments - product development, quality assurance, product management, marketing, sales, packaging, shipping and customer service.

In addition, our team works closely with scientific and research institutes as well as. veterinarians and breeders. In addition, feedback, wishes and experiences of our customers play a major role.

We all pull together, from the idea of a new product through development to production - until the finished product finally lands in the dog or cat's bowl. In the process, we constantly question ourselves and think about what we could still improve. The results are often innovative products and we continue to research for the best possible food - as our four-legged friends deserve.

PetCom Worldwide

Dank einer großen Akzeptanz unserer Kunden und der höchsten Qualität vertreiben wir unsere Produkte heute nicht nur auf dem deutschen Markt und in angrenzenden EU-Ländern.

Aktuell haben wir in mehr als 25 Ländern auf 4 Kontinenten zufriedene Kunden. Tendenz stark steigend.