Efficiency and flexibility

To achieve optimal storage, the warehouse managed by the PetCom is fully temperature controlled. It has quickly accessible pallet spaces and is operated in the so-called "chaotic" system with barcode system (EAN/UCC 128). This system ensures fast access at all times and optimizes delivery times.

In the meantime, word has spread about the excellent product quality and the reliability in logistics and therefore we distribute our products not only on the German market and in neighboring EU countries, but increasingly also to other countries.

A crucial point here is the innovative and intelligent packaging concept. In this respect, PetCom is characterized by a particularly high degree of flexibility. End consumer preferences, store design requirements, and relevant shelf stocking parameters are all taken into account. Product packaging for contents from 300 grams to 25 kilograms is processed fully automatically. The packaging process also allows display cartons to be filled from mono-sorting to triple-sorting.

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