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PetCom's concept is based on the production of customer-specific dry mixes for the production of pet food. A good feed naturally needs a mix of high-quality ingredients. We focus on the highest quality in the selection of our raw materials, which come exclusively from controlled, GMO-free and sustainable origins. We can guarantee complete proof of origin for all raw materials used.

In the simplest case, these dry mixtures can consist of a few individual components, or, from the point of view of animal nutrition, they can represent complete mixed feeds.

Dogs and especially cats are unable to digest grains completely. The carbohydrates from grain must therefore be technically digested or "predigested". This means that the finer the extruded dry mix, the more accessible the carbohydrates are to the digestion of pets.

We produce exclusively in Germany under state-of-the-art production conditions. We meet the certified standards of IFS and BRC Food, which also apply to food processing.

This enables us to guarantee consistent quality. Production planning takes place electronically, so that it can be directly ensured which ingredients are required and in which planning size. These ingredients are then mixed, ground, extruded and dried. The end result is a pet food of the highest quality, which is appreciated worldwide.

PetCom offers dry mixes with a controlled particle size distribution. In dry pet food, the particle size of the dry mix plays a special role in the appearance and digestibility. For a smooth and finely textured surface of dry pet food, the fineness of the dry mix is an indispensable requirement. The finer the mixture, the better the water absorption and the starch digestion or starch gelatinization.

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Optimized and quality-assured processes with state-of-the-art machines


Processing of raw materials (grinding, mixing and extruding)


Extrusion on different production lines


Production of premixes for petfood and snacks


Quattro Seal Bag

Spray drying is a particularly gentle drying process conducted at lower product temperatures. This process is highly regarded around the world, as it produces the highest degree of digestibility and thus ensures high qualities of protein.



We produce at low temperatures, which means our products are gently heated and sterilised. This method has a particularly positive effect on digestibility and prevents fat and meal from losing quality.


Prefabricated bags

The wet rendering process separates the raw material at an early stage for additional, gentle processing and is known for ensuring very high digestibility. The final product boasts the best fat quality and has a low free fatty acid content.


Big Bags

Technical development is one of the aspects that is constantly in flux due to increasing digitisation and ever-changing environmental legislation. At GEPRO, we are constantly testing state-of-the-art technologies so that we can make the production process as efficient and sustainable as possible: for our products, our customers and for the environment!


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Wide variety of packaging types for optimal use, suitable for the customer's project.


Dry food Dog

1-3kg foil bags

5kg pre-made bags with zipper and handle

10kg pre-made bags with topslider and carrying handle


Dry Food Cat

1kg foil bag

2kg foil bag

750g foil bags with zipper

500-800g doystyle




Possibility of integrated viewing window

Protective fumigation

Euro perforation for hanging the snacks



Avoidance and reduction of packaging waste

We are able to fill foils in recyclable quality

Conversion from previous materials:
PET & OPP, Duplex and Triplex to mono material (PE composite), which is 95% recyclable. 5% remains for inks, adhesives, etc.