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Setting new standards

Our company stands by its quality promise through constant quality controls of incoming raw materials and outgoing dry mixes.

The raw materials originate exclusively from controlled, GMO-free and sustainable sources. PetCom guarantees the traceability of the materials used in each individual production batch through secured in-group processes of the PHW Group.

It goes without saying that the minimum shelf life of the raw materials is observed. Upon customer request, the use of an MSC seal is possible. The standards are certified according to IFS, which also apply to food processing for human nutrition. Thus, we already meet tomorrow's requirements today and offer the best conditions in pet food.

The dosing system of the raw materials is computer-aided; the composition of each batch produced is documented.

If the composition of the mixture deviates from the recipe, the entire mixing and grinding process is stopped automatically. PetCom works with a mixing accuracy of 1:100,000. We are a registered manufacturer of compound feeds according to § 30 of the German Feed Regulation (FMV).